FixIt Service

We repair your broken stuff.

We have come to live in a disposable society. When something breaks, you usually throw it away, right? Lots of common problems with today’s tech are really not complicated, and are worth fixing. Here’s some of the common problems we fix.

  • Laptop power connector [loose, not charging, broken]
  • Laptop screens [loose, cracked, broken, backlighting problems]
  • Desktop LCD monitors [bad capacitors, bad backlighting inverters]

If you would like to see if your item is repairable, either call us and set up a drop-off time, or take a few pictures of the problem and send it to us at

Our turnaround time is very reasonable. We normally need about a week to diagnose the issue and order replacement parts if necessary. We notify you along every step of the way, so you know what’s going on with your stuff.